Interview with the Slices of History: A meeting with an 84-year old young man! has taken a unique initiative – Interviews with the Slices of History! The idea is a senior friend’s brainchild – Michael Godfrey. The title ‘Interviews with the Slices of History’ comes from a very dear journalist friend Ramananda Sengupta. We plan to interview people in the late 60's and above – with the mission to document their knowledge and wisdom that would otherwise be buried with them if not shared with the present generation. The initiative could serve as an ‘institutional memory’ in our subcontinent to record the thoughts and memories of these people who can provide us the first-hand knowledge of the times that most of us and our children have not seen or heard of. The first interview of this series is with Mr Shaad Ghauri. What’s amazing about him is that he is 84 and still working like young lads! would welcome such interviews from its readers that could be sent via email along with pictures to Mohammad Shehzad, or you could simply connect us to such people around you. Please leave your comments on the “Comment Board” of the website.

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